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Dry Eye and Tears

Dry eye disease is directly related to the quality and quantity of tears in your eyes. If your eyes do not produce sufficient tears or if your tears evaporate too quickly, you will experience chronic symptoms such as eye watering, itching, burning, light sensitivity, redness and other discomforts.

TearLab Osmolarity System®

The first step in the treatment of dry eye is proper diagnosis. At Vision Quest, we use the TearLab Osmolarity System to measure the concentration (osmolarity) of your tears. This extremely precise diagnostic test is an invaluable tool to not only diagnose dry eye but also gain insight into the health of your ocular surface. 

Our team will take tear fluid samples from your eyelid margin. This is a painless procedure that takes seconds to complete. Results of the TearLab Osmolarity test in Dallas are ready immediately so we can share the findings with you during your visit. By analyzing the osmolarity of your tears and identifying any abnormalities, we can then discuss treatment options to manage or prevent future dry eye.

To learn more about diagnosis of dry eye in Dallas, contact us today to schedule an eye exam.


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