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SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty)

What is Glaucoma?

The degenerative condition of glaucoma is associated with a buildup of fluids in the eyes, causing pressure that can damage the optic nerve. For patients with open-angle glaucoma (the most common type of glaucoma), the drainage canals of the eyes become clogged over time. Often, medicated eye drops used daily can improve this condition. However, when these are not effective, Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) can be performed to lower intraocular pressure. This is good news because without proper treatment, glaucoma can eventually lead to blindness.

How SLT Works

Our team performs the SLT procedure in our Dallas or Greenville offices. We carefully apply precise laser energy to selected pigmented tissue in the drainage canals of the eyes to allow fluid to properly drain out of the eyes. You remain awake during the procedure, but most patients do not experience any pain because numbing eye drops are applied prior to treatment. You may feel a pressure sensation during treatment.

What to Expect After SLT

The full effect of an SLT treatment may take 1-3 months to lower intraocular pressure, but the results can last up to 5 years. Every patient is unique in regard to results: SLT may be completely effective in lowering eye pressure for some patients. Some patients may need an additional SLT treatment while others may need to continue glaucoma eye drops to achieve the best results. Regular eye exams will allow your doctor to monitor the outcome of your treatment. SLT can be repeated in the future if needed.

Possible Complications of SLT

A temporary spike in eye pressure may occur after surgery, but this can be controlled by medications. There is also a chance of inflammation. If you experience any type discomfort after SLT in Dallas, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

To learn more about this type of glaucoma treatment in Dallas, Texas, contact us today to schedule an eye exam.


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